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What happened? The Cause of Action v. TIGTA Lawsuit

Recently, the media and blogosphere has erupted with claims that another “IRS Scandal” is in the mix. The implication from many covering the new scandal is that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is basically in contempt of court, and is blatantly ignoring the order of a DC District Court judge to release certain documents pertaining to TIGTA investigations into the improper disclosure of taxpayer documents made by the IRS to the White House. The court did not actually order TIGTA to release the documents. In fact, TIGTA was claiming that it did not need to admit to the existence of the investigation(s) at all. The Court’s response was that TIGTA was required to admit to the existence of the investigation(s), but the court left it up to TIGTA to determine whether or not the documents related to the investigation(s) needed to be released.


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