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Innocent Spouses and Divorce Decrees

I wrote a short piece over at LinkedIn to clear up what I think is commonly misunderstood in the context of a divorce: just because you divorce someone, it doesn’t get you off the hook for Joint Liability. That’s true even if the divorce agreement specifically states otherwise. Innocent Spouse Relief may be an option.

Check it out:

Innocent Spouse and Divorce Decrees

  • Juan Kerr

    How about an article from the other side of the fence…. This is a fact: ask any prisoner if they are guilty, and the answer is always “no.” I think the bar is too low here. The IRS is not a court of law. Claiming innocence does not mean one is innocent. And the IRS certainly doesn’t listen to the other side of the story, much less weigh the facts, before issuing its judgement: if all they have to hear is “divorced” and “he did it, not me” — where is the justice?

    I agree wholeheartedly that it is time for the IRS, or the tax court for that matter, to stop writing the laws that govern its actions. We have bigger crooks to do that for us.