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IRS Playing Dirty to Get Results

It wasn’t long ago that Tax professionals in various blogs and internet communities (as well as, presumably in the “real world”) started warning others that the IRS was skipping preliminary notices of deficiency and going straight to final notices of deficiency.

This tactic, likely done for the sake of efficiency and expediency from the IRS’s perspective (or at least that is probably what the IRS would say) will certainly lead to more taxpayers being hit with assessments from the result of a CP2000 or other audit before they know what hit them, and perhaps missing the chance to appeal.

Now the collections arm of the IRS – the “Automated Collection System” (better described as the “tax machine,” if you ask me) is making a similar play, by sending out a notice that looks just like the first Notice of Intent to Levy (which DOES NOT indicate an immediate risk of loss to the taxpayer and after which they cannot file for a hearing), but isn’t. It operates EXACTLY a Final Notice of Intent to Levy (cp1058) but isn’t.

THANKS IRS, really. Well played.



Taxpayers should keep in mind that if they get a letter with notice number LT11 or CP1058, they have a limited time to act before their bank accounts, wages, and other property are exposed to levy and forcible collection by the IRS.


So be careful and call someone.

My number is 860-4THELAW. I’m here to help.